I’m really implressed by how Notrous.IO used node-webkit to create their desktop app. So recently I was playing around with node-webkit. Have to say it’s awesome!

But there is no examples on how to do simple AJAX request using it! Naive $.ajax() doesn’t work =(


After hour of googling I finally understood that I have to figure out how to get jQuery.ajax() working in node.js environment (since node-webkit based on it). First you have to install jQuery and xmlhttprequest: npm i xmlhttprequest jquery --save. Then you must configure jquery:

var $ = require('jQuery');
var XMLHttpRequest = require('xmlhttprequest').XMLHttpRequest;

$.support.cors = true;
$.ajaxSettings.xhr = function() {
    return new XMLHttpRequest();

Now you can use $.ajax() as usual!


If you need cookie support use xmlhttprequest-cookie instead.

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